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Peak pieces

News Quiz: How much do you remember?

Masked postal worker handles mail on workroom floor
Do you know how many First-Class Mail pieces USPS expected to deliver during peak season’s peak?

“News Quiz” is a weekly feature that lets you test your knowledge of recent Link stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. Fill in the blank: USPS expected to deliver nearly (blank) First-Class Mail pieces from Dec. 13-19, peak season’s busiest week.

a) 2.3 billion
b) 3.2 billion
c) 12 billion
d) 21 billion

2. How many USPS employees are represented by the American Postal Workers Union?

a) More than 200,000
b) More than 300,000
c) More than 400,000
d) More than 500,000

3. True or false: Scammers sometimes pose as shippers and text fake notifications to consumers, aiming to steal their personal information.

a) True
b) False

4. Which options are available to USPS employees who receive a perishable gift that is valued at more than $20 from a customer?

a) The employee can donate it
b) The employee can share it
c) The employee can destroy it
d) All of the above

5. Which of the following services are offered by the USPS Employee Assistance Program?

a) Face-to-face counseling
b) Telephone counseling
c) Video, text and online therapy
d) All of the above

Answers: 1) a. 2) a. 3) a. 4) d. 5) d.

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