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Labor update

USPS, APWU reach tentative agreement

Postal worker handles stack of mail on workroom floor
The American Postal Workers Union represents more than 200,000 USPS employees nationwide.

The Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) have reached a tentative negotiated agreement on a new 36-month contract.

Upon ratification by the union membership, a process that will take several weeks, the agreement will run through Sept. 20, 2024.

“This is a fair and responsible agreement that serves the best interest of our employees, our customers and the future of the Postal Service,” said Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Human Resources Officer Doug Tulino.

“The agreement supports the Delivering for America 10-year plan’s mission to modernize our operations so we are better able to adapt to changing customer needs and deliver service excellence.”

The APWU represents more than 200,000 USPS employees who work as clerks, mechanics, vehicle drivers, custodians and in administrative positions.