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Holiday grifts

Watch out for seasonal scams

Are you sure you know who that text message is from?

Scammers never take a holiday — and this is their favorite time of year.

Undeterred by the coronavirus pandemic and inflation, consumers are projected to spend up to $1.3 trillion between November and January, which makes the holidays a prime time for online scams.

Here are two to watch out for:

• Package delivery scams: Scammers posing as a shipping organization send a fake notification by text message or email claiming you missed a delivery. The notifications often contain a link to a fake website designed to trick consumers into providing financial information.

• Charity scams: Criminals use heartwarming stories to scam consumers into donating to fraudulent charities. Remember to research charities and causes before donating.

Additionally, always practice caution when shopping online and only make purchases from reputable retailers.

The FBI website’s Scams and Safety page has more information on protecting yourself during the holidays.