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Gift guide

Publication also covers office parties

If you don’t know the rules on holiday gift exchanges, the USPS Ethics Office can help.

The USPS Ethics Office has created a 2021 Holiday Ethics Guide to help employees comply with the rules about giving and receiving gifts.

The guide covers gifts from outside sources as well as gifts between postal colleagues.

The guide also details the rules about holiday office parties:

• Food and refreshments may be shared in the office with co-workers at all levels. Participation must be voluntary and contributions of money ($10 or less), food or other items also must be voluntary.

• Office parties can be held at a restaurant or an outside caterer can be brought in, requiring a per-person charge for those attending. Employees who do not wish to participate cannot be required to contribute.

Additionally, the document offers guidance on perishable gifts.

Employees who receive a perishable gift that is valued at more than $20 from a customer or supplier have three options: The employee can donate it, share it or destroy it.

A perishable gift is an item that would perish in the process of returning it to a sender. Examples include fresh cut flowers and fruit, but not chocolate.

The USPS Ethics Office Blue page has more information. Employees who have questions can email the office at or call its hotline at 202-268-6346.