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Be smart, restart

App lets employees manage ACE software updates

The Software Center application provides ACE users with more control over software updates.

Want to make sure the software on your ACE computers is up to date?

There’s an app for that.

The Software Center app provides ACE users with more control over software updates, which are necessary to keep USPS systems and workstations well maintained, secure and operating at top performance.

You can also use the app to schedule installations.

The app is located on ACE computers under the Microsoft Windows icon on the left side of the task bar at the bottom of the screen. Click on the icon and scroll down the most used list to find Software Center.

If the app isn’t listed, type “Software Center” into the search window and pin the app to the computer task bar.

The app provides information on the following categories: applications, updates, operating systems, installation status, device compliance and options.

The updates category details whether the computer is up to date or if manual software upgrades are required.

Mandatory software updates will install automatically followed by a prompt to restart after the installation.

The USPS Information Technology team recommends that employees restart their computers at the end of the day to allow the computer to download any pending updates while it’s not in use.

Restarting also ensures:

• No programs remain open.

• Updates are fully installed.

• Users receive notifications for available installations.

Additionally, all ACE users should always keep their laptops and desktops powered on and connected to the organization’s network.

The IT Self Help page has more information for keeping workstations up to date, as well as Ask Ben,” a chat option to learn about select computer topics.