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Ask Ben

Automated bot can help resolve tech issues

Ask Ben appears in the bottom right corner of the IT Self Help welcome page.

The Postal Service has launched Ask Ben, an automated bot that can help employees troubleshoot issues with USPS-issued devices and online accounts.

Named after Benjamin Franklin, the first Postmaster General, Ask Ben appears as a purple-colored chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the IT Self Help welcome page.

When employees click on the icon, they’re greeted with a personalized message.

Employees can then enter a keyword describing the issue or select “Show Me Everything” to access a list of available topics.

Ask Ben will then verify the entry and either address the question or offer suggestions on troubleshooting the issue.

Currently, Ask Ben can help with:

• Checking IT ticket status;
• Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge);
• eAccess and other postal accounts;
• Office 365 and the Office Workplace Modernization Program;
• Outlook;
• Passive Adaptive Scanning System (PASS) cart troubleshooting;
• Printer issues; and
• Smartphone ordering and plan enrollments.

The ServiceNow team and the IT Service Desk are working on expanding Ask Ben’s capabilities.