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Windows updates ready for ACE computers

The ACE computer update will occur in three phases.

The Postal Service’s ACE computers will receive software updates this month that will improve security, functionality and compatibility with Office 365 products and other programs.

The updates will occur in three phases:

• BIOS update, which will consist of a set of computer instructions that control input and output;

• Driver update, which involves a set of files that tells a piece of hardware how to function; and

• Windows feature update, which involves the operating system.

The Windows feature update installation will take approximately two hours to complete. Users will be prompted to reboot their computer several times. Users will not be able to use their computers for approximately 45 minutes to an hour during the feature update.

ACE computer users should start the updates at the end of the workday.

Additionally, users should ensure important files are moved to the OneDrive system and all power cables are plugged into their workstations or docking stations before starting the updates.

The IT Self Help/ServiceNow page has more information.

Users can also call the IT Help Desk at 800-877-7435.