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Simple solutions

DIY fixes for most computer issues

USPS encourages employees to first explore do-it-yourself solutions before calling the IT Service Desk.

You’re about to use your ACE computer to begin working when programs in Office 365 inexplicably freeze.

This usually occurs when the programs start to load before they have a network connection.

Before you call the IT Service Desk, there’s a faster solution:

Turn off your startup applications.

To do this, type “startup” in the search field on the task bar and click enter. A screen will list the applications that launch by default when the computer starts up; each application displays a switch to enable or disable.

For example, you can turn off Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams so they don’t try to launch automatically during start-up.

Once you’re connected to the network, you can use the programs, which can be found by selecting the Windows icon on the task bar and scrolling down the “most used” list.

This is one of several fixes that the Postal Service wants employees to use to reduce calls to the IT Service Desk.

“Often, you can resolve issues yourself without having to wait for the Service Desk to assist you,” said Barry Gobble, the USPS office workplace modernization program manager.

Another effective method: Use the IT Self-Help/ServiceNow page on Blue to resolve basic computing issues on your own.

The top seven issues that employees call the IT Service Desk about are listed in a drop-down banner at the top of the page, along with instructions on how to resolve them.

USPS encourages employees to first explore these do-it-yourself solutions before calling the Service Desk.

Employees are also advised to always keep their laptops and desktops powered on and connected to the organization’s network in order to receive software upgrades.