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Sharing your talent

All employees can use HERO

A HEROProfile allows each USPS employee to present a consolidated view of his or her professional information.

The Postal Service is encouraging all employees to complete their HEROProfile, an online space where they can showcase their talents and learn more about their colleagues.

HEROProfile, part of the HERO system, allows employees to present a consolidated view of their professional information that managers and supervisors can use to review employees’ skills, talents and experience. This makes HEROProfile a first step in each employee’s learning and development journey.

A foundational profile is automatically created for each employee from basic information contained in a USPS database. Each employee can then add information they choose to share through the “About,” “Resume” and “Career Preferences” tabs, such as skills, interests and certifications.

“HEROProfile is an essential starting point for owning our careers and sharing our talents with others,” said Jenny Utterback, the Postal Service’s organization development vice president.

Continual development supports all employees, whether they hope to seek other opportunities within USPS or are focused on learning and growing in their current positions.

HERO, introduced in 2018, allows Postal Service employees to pursue career development, complete training and initiate discussions with managers and supervisors.

Employees who want to review and build upon their HEROProfile should use a computer or mobile device to access HERO from LiteBlue or Blue.

Scrolling down to the HEROProfile status gauge provides HEROProfile next steps. “HERO Support” provides additional resources.

Employees can also register to attend a HEROProfile demonstration by entering “HERO demo” in the top right search bar on the HERO homepage and selecting a session.