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HERO empowers employees to promote their talents

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The HERO platform offers multiple features that allow USPS employees to take ownership of their career development.

The Postal Service is encouraging employees to leverage the HERO platform to take ownership of their career development.

The most important step is creating a HEROProfile, a feature that allows employees to offer a consolidated view of their professional information. Managers, supervisors and colleagues can then view the HEROProfile to assess the employee’s skills, talents and experience.

HERO’s other features include:

• Career Conversations. This feature promotes ongoing career-oriented discussions that can be initiated by an employee or his or her direct manager. These discussions focus on helping the employee to meet his or her career goals.

• Development plans. These plans can serve as a “road map” to guide future developmental activities, including helping employees identify the skills they’ll need to grow in their current role or prepare for future career opportunities.

• Self-development training. HERO offers access to more than 3,200 free courses that employees can complete to enhance their personal and professional development.

• Succession planning. This feature allows USPS leadership to discover qualified employees for detail assignments, projects and promotions.

Employees can take advantage of these features by accessing HERO from Blue or LiteBlue.

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