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High profile

New HERO gauge aids career development

HEROProfiles allow USPS employees to present an overview of their professional information.

The HERO system has a new feature that encourages employees to complete their HEROProfile, which could help them advance their USPS careers.

The HEROProfile allows employees to present a consolidated view of their professional information that managers, supervisors and colleagues can use to assess their skills, talents and experience.

When employees log into HERO, they’ll see a new gauge on the homepage that measures the completion of their HEROProfile.

Completion is gauged on three levels: Get Started, Great Progress and First-Class.

To achieve the First-Class level, an employee must meet certain criteria within the About, Resume and Career Preferences tabs of the profile.

Employees are encouraged to add a professional image to further personalize their profile.

To learn more, log into HERO and explore the system.