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HERO promotes employee, manager discussions

A new feature on the HERO portal allows employees to initiate career-oriented conversations with their managers.

The Postal Service wants to ensure employees have opportunities to discuss their career development with the managers who directly oversee them.

To help facilitate this, the organization has introduced Career Conversations, a feature in the HERO portal that allows employees to initiate career-oriented discussions and take greater control over their careers.

By requesting career conversations with their direct managers, employees can receive a designated time to discuss their career goals and how to accomplish them.

When making a request, the employee can add specific information he or she would like to discuss, such as desired training, development opportunities and other topics.

During the discussion, the employee and the manager can formulate a plan to help the employee achieve his or her career goals.

The Career Conversations feature is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to engage, equip and empower employees, a core strategy.

The new tool joins other features like HEROProfile, which allows employees to share their career aspirations with managers and connect with colleagues who have similar goals.

Launched last fall, the HERO portal allows employees to manage their career development activities from a single online platform.

HERO can be accessed from Blue and LiteBlue.

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