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DeJoy addresses National PCC Day

USPS has released Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s video message for this week’s National Postal Customer Council Day.

The annual event, which occurred online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, highlights the nation’s 144 postal customer councils (PCCs), local groups that allow USPS and business mailers to come together to build relationships, address common concerns and grow the mailing industry.

In the video, DeJoy discusses the Postal Service’s transportation improvements, reorganization, response to the coronavirus pandemic and long-term business planning and goals.

“My vision is to establish the Postal Service as the preferred delivery service for the American public. I am committed to providing world-class affordable and dependable service to every American home and business six and seven days a week — today, tomorrow and for generations to come,” DeJoy says.

The four-minute video, which USPS released Sept. 23, is part of the Postmaster General’s ongoing effort to provide employees with regular video updates on important topics.

The video is available on Link and other postal websites and will be shown to employees in USPS facilities during the next week.

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