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Strengthening USPS

In video, PMG updates employees

In his latest video message, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy updates employees on the organization’s recent activities.

Topics include service improvements; the ongoing response to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the response to Hurricane Laura, wildfires and other emergencies; and the Postal Service’s commitment to deliver election-related mail.

DeJoy, who became Postmaster General in June, also thanks employees for their continued commitment to USPS.

“The key to the Postal Service has always been the incredible women and men who keep it operating every day. Your work is valued, noticed and important to our entire nation. We are all proud to be part of the United States Postal Service. And we all want to find ways to strengthen it for generations to come,” he says.

The video, which USPS released Sept. 17, is available on Link and other postal websites and will be shown to employees in postal facilities during the next two weeks.

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