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PCCs 411

Councils work for businesses, employees

The nation’s 144 local Postal Customer Councils help foster relationships between USPS and commercial mailers.

National Postal Customer Council (PCC) Day is Sept. 22, but do you know what PCCs do?

PCCs are local organizations that help foster a close working relationship between the Postal Service and commercial mailers, with the goal of sharing information about new and existing USPS business products, programs and services.

There are 144 PCCs across the nation.

With roots dating back to the 1961 formation of Citizens’ Advisory Councils, today’s PCCs seek to help industry members grow and develop professionally through networking, educational programs and access to Postal Service professionals.

Mail service providers, advertising agencies, marketing firms, educational institutions, and local and state government agencies are some of the organizations that can derive benefits from PCC involvement.

“Belonging to the PCC community offers the opportunity to get connected and grow,” said Lewis Johnson, the Postal Service’s national PCC program manager. “The ultimate goal is to grow the mailing and shipping industry well into the future.”

Membership is also open to USPS employees, helping the program to serve as a resource for both industry and postal members.

The councils help employees by keeping them abreast of business mailers’ concerns and issues. PCCs also give employees access to Postal Service certification courses to grow professionally, opportunities to form collaborative partnerships with industry members, and the chance to learn about key USPS strategies and policies.

Questions about PCCs or business mailer referrals can be directed to the National PCC Program Office at

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