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The doctor is on

Insurance plans offer telehealth benefits

Telehealth allows patients to use computers, tablets and smartphones to see a doctor virtually.

The USPS Wellness team wants employees to know about telehealth, a convenient way to get medical attention for non-emergency illnesses.

Through telehealth, individuals use a computer, smartphone or tablet to “see” a medical provider — reducing their waiting room time and allowing them to consult a professional in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

There is usually a cost, but it is often significantly less than an office visit.

Employees may only access telehealth off the clock or during authorized breaks. Additionally, employees aren’t permitted to use USPS equipment for medical visits.

Most Federal Employees Health Benefits Program plans offer a telehealth-type option.

Postal Service employees who have questions about telehealth should contact their insurance carrier. The back of each employee’s insurance card has contact information.

For all other questions, employees should email the Wellness team at