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Health check

District offers wellness visits program

USPS letter carriers promote the Sierra Coastal Districts wellness program
Jennifer Jones and Veronica Solis, letter carriers at the Encino, CA, Post Office, receive health goodie bags through Sierra Coastal District’s wellness visits program.

Sierra Coastal District employees are learning more about health and wellness from the Postal Service’s resident experts.

Occupational health nurses and assistants are visiting USPS facilities in the district, which is part of Pacific Area, through a program that began a year ago.

The nurses and assistants conduct stand-up talks, provide information and educate employees about the importance of regular health checkups.

During a recent visit to the Encino, CA, Post Office, employees stopped by a health screening station to check their blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

“Get your numbers checked regularly or at least [get] annual physical examinations,” Nurse Rossana Legaspi told participants.

Employees also learned how to prevent heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in men and women in the United States, and they got tips for avoiding heat stress.

The program aligns with the Postal Service’s broader efforts to promote employee wellness, part of the organization’s core strategy to engage, equip and empower employees. Other districts offer similar programs.

Sierra Coastal employees said the information they’ve received from the wellness visits is eye-opening.

“We think that because we walk and are moving all day long, we don’t have to do exercise, drink plenty of water and watch our eating habits,” said Veronica Solis, an Encino letter carrier. “But as we learned from our screenings, it is very important to stay healthy.”

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