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Healthy choice

District opens wellness center

Erica Arteaga, a custodian, checks her blood pressure at the Santa Clarita, CA, Processing and Distribution Center with help from Rossana Legaspi, an occupational health nurse.

A Southern California postal facility is making room for employees to get healthy.

The Sierra Coastal District office, located in Santa Clarita, has opened a wellness center in a previously unused area in the cafeteria. The center was established by Julia Williams, who recently retired as an occupational health nurse administrator, and Rossana “Rose” Legaspi, an occupational health nurse.

The center is equipped with a blood pressure machine, weight scale, wellness information and a BioMeasure machine that calculates a person’s body mass index.

“It is really valuable for employees to know their numbers because it influences their health,” said June Montenegro, the district’s health and resource manager.

In addition to providing employees with access to equipment, the center conducts “Wellness Wednesday” activities where workers can check their blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, weight and more.

Employees are also encouraged to consult with their doctors. Participation is voluntary and all services provided are confidential.

The center aligns with the Postal Service’s efforts to engage, equip and empower employees, a core strategy.

Managers at other facilities that want to open wellness centers are encouraged to follow USPS guidelines, including placing the center in a location that’s easily accessible, creating private areas for screenings and surveying employees to find out what kind of health information interests them.

Sue Diamond, a business service network representative, is an enthusiastic fan of Sierra Coastal District’s center.

“I’ve recommended the wellness center to my teammates and employees in other departments. I love it,” she said.

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