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All about attitude

Employee strives for good service, sales leads

Sheila Grace, a Houston retail associate, recently submitted a sales lead that generated $50,000 in estimated annualized revenue for USPS.

Employees are continuing to grow the Postal Service’s revenue through sales leads.

The organization offers several programs that allow workers to provide USPS with information about businesses that might have mailing and shipping needs, such as a new repair shop in town or a retailer seeking new methods to ship his or her products.

Sheila Grace, a retail associate at the Willow Place Post Office in Houston, recently served an entrepreneur who wanted to announce the opening of her business.

After Grace wrote down the entrepreneur’s information and submitted it through the Clerks Care program, a Houston District business development specialist contacted the customer and arranged for the business to advertise its opening through a direct mailing.

The sale will generate $50,000 in estimated annualized revenue for USPS.

“Sheila is committed to the Clerks Care program. She comes in contact with customers on a daily basis who are not using our services to the full benefit of their business. She wants them to continue to use the Postal Service to grow their business,” said Sonya Mackey, a Houston District business development specialist.

In addition to Clerks Care, which is geared toward retail associates and distribution and machine clerks, USPS offers programs that allow other employees to share sales leads: Customer Connect (for letter carriers), Mail Handlers (for mail handlers), Rural Reach (for rural carriers) and Submit a Lead (for everyone else, including Executive and Administrative Schedule employees).

Through the Race for a $Billion initiative, the Postal Service aims to use the programs to raise $1 billion in estimated annualized revenue between Oct. 1, 2019, and Sept. 30, 2020.

So far, the programs have generated $477.9 million.

The Sales Blue page has more information, including the latest Race for a $Billion district rankings.

Grace said she plans to keep doing her part by participating in Clerks Care, which fits with her broader efforts to deliver excellent service.

“Come to work with a positive attitude,” she said. “Even if you have a bad day, try to keep a positive attitude. Customers respond to your attitude.”