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USPS helping employees succeed

Engaging, equipping and empowering employees is a core USPS strategy.

USPS wants to ensure its employees have everything they need to deliver excellent customer service.

This is why the organization has made engaging, equipping and empowering employees a core strategy.

To achieve these goals, the Postal Service is making improvements at every level.

For example, in recent years, USPS has expanded its focus on professional development through programs like Analytics University, which provides training to more than 29,000 frontline supervisors and managers.

The organization has also introduced HERO, an online learning portal that makes it easier for employees to complete their training requirements, initiate career conversations with their managers and pursue other professional development opportunities.

Additionally, the Postal Service has introduced several programs and initiatives that aim to foster stronger employee engagement, which refers to employees’ overall approach to their work, including their involvement, enthusiasm and commitment.

Examples of these programs include Engagement Most Valuable Player, which recognizes bargaining unit employees who have positive attitudes and who go the extra mile, and Certified Engaged Teams, which honors groups that create positive workplace environments.

Other efforts include #PostalProud, an initiative that showcases employees through multiple communication channels; the Postmaster General Heroes’ Program, which honors workers who perform heroic acts; and Link mobile, a mobile-friendly version of the Link site that helps craft employees stay informed on postal news.

By one key measure, the organization’s focus on engagement is succeeding: The results of the latest Postal Pulse employee survey, released during the summer, show 26 percent of survey respondents feel engaged, up from 17 percent during the first survey in 2015.

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