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Analytics University opens to employees

Analytics University can help employees learn to use existing data to solve problems and boost performance.

USPS has introduced Analytics University, an educational platform designed to train employees to use existing data to solve problems and boost performance.

The program, which consists of virtual courses and tutorials, is part of the Postal Service’s broader emphasis on using data to make informed business decisions and improve efficiency.

“Analytics University enables employees to interactively learn how to use analytic tools on their own schedule. The goal is to empower employees to make informed decisions to achieve significant efficiency and service improvements,” said Enterprise Analytics VP Isaac Cronkhite, whose group developed the program.

The initiative, designed by Operations in collaboration with Enterprise Analytics, aims to develop new ways of thinking about saving money and generating revenue using tools and products already available.

Analytics University offers courses in two certification levels, bronze and silver, that are currently tailored to employees in Delivery and Network Operations.

More than 2,300 individuals have achieved bronze certification since the program’s launch in September.

Bronze-level courses are open to anyone and can be completed through a series of instructional videos that are available through the Enterprise Analytics site.

Silver-level courses are delivered virtually via WebEx and feature discussions that encourage strategic thinking about complex issues.

Employees can learn more and register for courses through the Enterprise Analytics site.

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