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Employee’s idea improves machines’ accuracy

Smiling postal worker stands near equipment inside plant
Franco Parodi, a mail handler at the Miami Processing and Distribution Center, recently used the IdeaSMART platform to submit a proposal to improve delivery barcode sorter machines.

Franco Parodi knew there was a better way.

Parodi, a mail handler, works on delivery barcode sorter (DBCS) machines at the Miami Processing and Distribution Center.

He wanted to improve the machine’s out-of-sequence scores, which measure mail that is not placed in address sequence for the carriers.

To fix the problem, Parodi determined the machine’s mail racks needed to be better aligned so they wouldn’t move, allowing mail to be sent to the proper bins.

“I went to a hardware store and saw a pin the exact size I needed, about six inches,” he said.

Parodi obtained the pin and inserted it into one mail rack, then watched as it began helping employees sort mail more accurately.

But he didn’t stop there.

When Parodi heard about IdeaSMART, the Postal Service’s new idea-sharing platform, he decided to submit his solution, which received an enthusiastic response from colleagues.

“I wanted to share the idea with other employees who may want to replicate the system in their facilities,” Parodi said.

Plant Manager Juan W. Gonzalez arranged for Parodi’s fix to be implemented on a DBCS machine at his office, where the out-of-sequence scores soon dropped. Parodi also shared his idea with Miami Postmaster Enrique Suarez.

“Carriers appreciate that this is allowing them to deliver the mail more efficiently,” Suarez said.

IdeaSMART is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to engage, equip and empower employees, a core business strategy. Other employees have used the platform to share better ways to load and sort parcels and simplify the organization’s time and attendance collection system.

Said Parodi: “Every employee has the power to make a difference if we all chip in and do our part.”

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