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Employee idea-sharing platform is here

IdeaSMART site
Employees can use the IdeaSMART site to submit ideas that could be implemented by USPS.

IdeaSMART, a new online platform that allows Postal Service employees to share ideas to help improve the organization, is now open.

You can use IdeaSMART to respond to current business challenges that managers need help with or to share general ideas to improve USPS.

Here’s how to participate:

• Log in to IdeaSMART at You’ll need your ACE ID and password or your employee identification number and self-service password.

• Review posted business challenges and provide possible solutions, or share your own general ideas.

• Employees can read your ideas and responses and then comment and vote on them. Postal Service decision-makers will review all suggestions and move promising ideas through an approval process for possible implementation.

IdeaSMART is part of a broader initiative to empower employees to share ideas and collaborate with each other to help strengthen USPS.

The IdeaSMART LiteBlue page has additional information, including FAQs and contact information.

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