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Route to efficiency

IdeaSMART submission gets implemented

Letter carrier loading LLV
USPS is implementing new approaches to parcel sorting and loading after receiving an employee suggestion through the new IdeaSMART platform.

IdeaSMART works.

Just ask Larry Imai.

The Avondale, AZ, Postmaster used the idea-sharing platform recently to propose a way to reduce the amount of time letter carriers spend loading parcels into their delivery vehicles.

“With the increase in parcels, I noticed it was taking longer to sort and route them,” Imai said.

After learning about IdeaSMART, Imai decided to see what other employees thought about his idea for carriers to place parcels in their truck in route order to both save time and improve delivery accuracy.

Imai had a similar idea as city delivery executives who were already in the process of implementing the parcel sorting and loading solution with the use of Mobile Delivery Devices.

The positive feedback on IdeaSMART confirmed the need for a more efficient truck loading procedure.

“In four days, I had over 100 ‘up votes’ from people who liked it,” said Imai.

Jamie Osborne, an acting senior city delivery specialist at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, said innovative ideas from employees “are just what the Postal Service needs to help connect us and understand how we can improve service and lower costs.”

Imai encourages other employees to use IdeaSMART.

“It was an easy process,” he said.

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