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USPS implements IdeaSMART proposal

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Jay Ladin, a senior TACS agent in Eagan, MN, has helped the Postal Service make it easier for employees to access the organization’s time and collection attendance system.

Jay Ladin spends each workday helping employees use TACS, the Postal Service’s time and attendance collection system.

Ladin, a senior TACS agent in Eagan, MN, was concerned that it took three clicks to navigate to the TACS Help Desk page from the Blue site.

“I was surprised at how many in the field had no idea how to get to the TACS Help Desk page,” he said. “That’s where we have the forms they need, as well as training videos on how to fill out and submit these forms.”

Ladin recently used IdeaSMART, the Postal Service’s new idea-sharing platform, to propose a solution: Place a direct link to the TACS Help Desk on Blue.

USPS managers liked the idea and added the link under “Featured Topics.”

This makes Ladin the latest employee to have an idea implemented through IdeaSMART, which is part of the organization’s broader efforts to engage and empower postal workers.

Accounting Services Manager Jack Meyer said Ladin’s idea will help USPS improve efficiency.

“Anything that we can do to reduce the clicks it takes to get to the TACS Help Desk makes everything more efficient,” he said.

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