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Postal Bulletin published, videos posted

Postal Bulletin cover showing illustration of body experiencing heat stress
The Postal Bulletin’s Aug. 2 edition highlights heat-related illnesses, part of the organization’s broader safety efforts.

Postal Bulletin. Tips to help employees protect themselves from heat exhaustion and heat stroke are included in the Postal Bulletin’s Aug. 2 edition.

The article is part of a broader Postal Service program that focuses on the recognition and prevention of heat-related illnesses. The organization has also sent informational postcards to every employee’s home and provided posters to all USPS facilities.

The Postal Bulletin also featured heat safety tips in its June 7 issue.

USPS Delivers. Several Postal Service videos that were posted recently to YouTube also are available on USPS Delivers, an online site geared toward business customers.

The videos, which debuted at this year’s National Postal Forum, highlight the scope of work and innovation occurring within USPS.

The offerings include Informed Delivery Merges Mail with Email,” How Helps Business Grow,” “Informed Delivery Amplifies Mail Reach,” Reimagine What Mail Can Do,” Informed Visibility Delivers Data,” Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience,” “Put the Network to Work and The Eagle Always Faces Forward.”

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