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One to ‘Grow’ on

Video highlights business site

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“How Helps Business Grow,” a new video from the Postal Service, is available on the organization’s YouTube channel.

The Postal Service highlights one of its sites for business customers in “How Helps Business Grow,” a new video on YouTube.

The 1-minute, 50-second segment uses quick cut editing and animation to provide an overview of the site’s selection of how-to videos, interviews with industry experts, industry research, infographics, interactive tools and more.

The video is one of several new segments from USPS. Other offerings include Informed Delivery Amplifies Mail Reach,” Reimagine What Mail Can Do,” Informed Visibility Delivers Data,” Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience,” “Put the Network to Work and The Eagle Always Faces Forward.”

If you’re unable to stream video from external sites on postal computers, you can use a personal smartphone, tablet or other device to go to and watch these segments off the clock.

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