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Higher ‘Reach’

Businesses tout Informed Delivery in new video

“Informed Delivery Amplifies Mail Reach,” a new video from USPS.
“Informed Delivery Amplifies Mail Reach,” a new video from USPS, is available on the organization’s YouTube channel.

Informed Delivery Amplifies Mail Reach,” a new video on YouTube, features business customers discussing the advantages of using the mail notification service.

“Informed Delivery gives brands [more] chances to deliver their message and inspire action,” says Chris Macdonald, North America president for McCann Worldgroup, a global advertising agency network.

The 2-minute video is one of several new segments on the Postal Service’s YouTube channel.

Other offerings include Reimagine What Mail Can Do,” Informed Visibility Delivers Data,” Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience,” “Put the Network to Work and The Eagle Always Faces Forward.”

If you’re unable to stream video from external sites on postal computers, you can use a personal smartphone, tablet or other device to go to and watch these segments off the clock.

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