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You’ve got ‘Mail’

Video shows how Informed Delivery works

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“Informed Delivery Merges Mail with Email,” a new video from the Postal Service, is available on the organization’s YouTube channel.

USPS showcases its popular mail notification service in “Informed Delivery Merges Mail with Email,” a new video on YouTube.

The 2-minute segment opens with executives at a New York City company deciding whether to market its products through Informed Delivery.

“Before we go for it, I want us to check it out ourselves,” an executive says.

Steven, a company employee, is sent to test the service in different destinations using a mobile device to view Informed Delivery’s digital previews.

He also taps on direct mail images to make purchases and to add an invitation to his calendar.

“I can see my mail! It’s cool!” Steven says.

The video is one of several new segments from USPS. Other offerings include How Helps Business Grow,” “Informed Delivery Amplifies Mail Reach,” Reimagine What Mail Can Do,” Informed Visibility Delivers Data,” Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience,” “Put the Network to Work and The Eagle Always Faces Forward.”

If you’re unable to stream video from external sites on postal computers, you can use a personal smartphone, tablet or other device to go to and watch these segments off the clock.

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