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Program brings together students, USPS

Smiling college students gather outside office building
Pacific Area’s summer interns gather at the San Diego office recently. In the back, from left, are Alicia Montgomery, Ian Ayers, Zachary Wieselthier, Sierra Raney, Casey Opiela, Kathryn Jetter and Arlene Germain. In the front, from left, are Ryan Donckels, Paulina Barreto, Monica Curiel and Patricia Mullen.

College students from across the nation are spending the summer interning at USPS offices, where they are gaining experience for the future and bringing fresh perspectives to postal operations.

At USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, Jieru Shi, a University of Virginia student, is working on a project to promote PO Boxes to small-business customers.

“We’re developing strategies to increase PO Box revenue and cross-promote other postal products and services,” Shi said.

Interns at other offices are working on projects that involve Informed Delivery, the #PostalProud initiative and the organization’s use of trade shows as a marketing tool.

“The program allows interns an opportunity to complete challenging projects that meet the specific business needs of the organization,” said Sherri Evans, a Human Resources program training specialist who helps oversee the initiative.

The 10-week internship program is slated to conclude next week. Most participants are undergraduates who will become juniors or seniors when the new school year begins at the end of the summer.

Fiona Rosenthal, a University of Wisconsin Madison student, said her internship at the Chicago International Service Center will help her pursue a career in industrial engineering.

“I’ve gained a lot of useful skills for my field in the future,” she said.

Other students said their experiences have given them a new appreciation for mail.

“I do believe the physicality of mail will remain relevant even as the modern age continues,” said Zachary Wieselthier, a University of Central Florida student who is interning at Pacific Area’s San Diego office.

“Nothing beats the feeling of opening mail.”

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