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USPS attracting customers at shows

Employees pose in blue shirts
Sales employees gather at the Postal Service’s booth at a recent trade show. Standing, from left, are field representatives Robert Boever, John Songco, Michael Laughlin, Zach Barnett, Mattia Glotzbach-Kras and Michelle Burnett. Kneeling are executives Frank McKamey and Alani Lacy.

USPS is taking its show on the road.

The organization annually participates in about 60 trade shows, where employees tout postal products and services to a variety of potential customers.

USPS estimates its overall return on these investments is about 4,000 percent.

“The whole point of attending a trade show is to get sales leads,” said Sales Outreach Manager Joyce Carrier, who oversees the Postal Service’s trade show efforts.

USPS regularly participates in the National Postal Forum, the mailing and shipping industry’s largest annual conference, and the Consumer Electronics Show, which draws more than 170,000 attendees each year.

Recently, the Postal Service also participated in the National Restaurant Show, the PGA Show and SuperZoo, a trade show for pet retailers.

SuperZoo generated 169 leads that could result in $28 million in revenue for USPS.

“Sometimes, sales might not close for six months,” Carrier said.

The shows are part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to grow its business and promote the value of mail in the digital age.

“Attending trade shows really helps our brand. They give us a chance to show off our innovative products. It’s a real opportunity for us,” Carrier said.

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