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#PostalProud initiative thanks employees

Employee delivering Priority Mail boxes to bike business
Quyen Ngo, an Alexandria, VA, letter carrier, serves a small-business customer recently. The latest #PostalProud campaign will feature customers and co-workers expressing their appreciation for USPS employees.

The #PostalProud initiative has expanded to show employees how much they matter to USPS.

The latest version of the ongoing campaign will feature postal leaders and customers expressing their appreciation for what employees do.

“The message we are delivering to employees is this: Your work matters to your customers,” said Acting Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Jacqueline Krage Strako. “No matter your role, you play an important part in everything the Postal Service does.”

During the next few weeks, this message will be underscored through workplace posters, as well as postcards and fliers that employees will receive in their mailboxes.

The campaign will also include a series of videos that feature customers expressing their appreciation for USPS and its employees.

In one video, the mother of a boy with autism explains how she relies on her letter carrier to deliver her son’s packages.

Other videos feature employees explaining the importance of the work they do.

USPS launched the #PostalProud initiative in 2015, part of the organization’s focus on workforce development and customer service.

Previous campaigns promoted core USPS principles, such as delivering the mail with care and treating customers with courtesy.

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