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Seeking perfection

New tool measures customers’ experiences

Perfect Package
The Perfect Package dashboard uses service date, scan location, customer inquiry and visibility to evaluate customers’ experiences.

USPS has introduced an online tool to ensure customers receive excellent service when they send and receive packages.

The Perfect Package Experience (PPE) dashboard aims to help the Postal Service track package deliveries and better understand customers’ perspectives.

The goal is to ensure deliveries are made by the expected date, at the right location and with complete tracking visibility to keep customers informed.

“The Perfect Package Experience highlights what is important to our customers and enables the Postal Service to strive to create a perfect, frictionless package delivery experience each and every time,” said Chief Operating Officer Dave Williams.

The internal dashboard uses four evaluation factors: service date, scan location, customer inquiry and visibility.

The tracking information will be used to enforce timely and accurate scanning, increase brand loyalty and reduce costs.

To help make this tool a success, USPS is encouraging employees to handle packages with care, deliver packages at the correct location and on the expected date, complete scans accurately and efficiently and treat customers with courtesy.

The PPE dashboard and instructional videos are available through the Informed Visibility site. Employees can request access through eAccess.

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