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Best practices: Scanning success

USPS employee scans package
Roseville, MI, Letter Carrier Janice O’Neal says proper scanning helps USPS improve customers’ experiences.

Janice O’Neal takes pride in scanning properly.

The Roseville, MI, letter carrier knows that accurate scanning data is crucial to the Postal Service’s success.

“I like the tracking texts and emails I receive as a customer, so I know how important it is to scan correctly,” says O’Neal, a 14-year postal employee.

Every time an employee scans a package, the information is fed to and other applications. This allows customers to track their parcels as they move through the postal network.

“Scanning gives customers real-time information to track packages from entry to doorstep,” Delivery Operations VP Kevin McAdams says.

O’Neal has three tips for her fellow employees:

• Always look at the scanner. “Look at the messages to check the ZIP Code and where a parcel should be left,” O’Neal says.

• If a barcode isn’t scanning, enter it manually. Labels can get crinkled or damaged, but you still need to ensure they’re trackable.

• Look for labels. “Flip the packages over,” O’Neal says, noting that labels are sometimes “hidden” on a parcel’s underbelly.

“We scan a lot,” says O’Neal, adding that it’s for good reason: “I love my job, and I love my route, and proper scanning procedures are best for my customers.”

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