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Taking pride

Best practices: Delivering with care

Sylmar, CA, Letter Carrier Raul Tiznado
Sylmar, CA, Letter Carrier Raul Tiznado says careful deliveries are important to customers and USPS alike.

Raul Tiznado takes pride in delivering packages with care.

The Sylmar, CA, letter carrier says careful deliveries benefit both residential customers who receive parcels and business customers that send them.

“We don’t want to lose either customer,” Tiznado says. “If a residential customer isn’t happy with the way their package arrives, they could complain to the sender. We have to keep those business contracts.”

Delivery Operations VP Kevin McAdams says employees like Tiznado help keep USPS competitive in the shipping sector.

“Every time an employee delivers with care, it strengthens our reputation as a shipper of choice,” McAdams says.

Tiznado has two hints for fellow employees:

• Treat every package like it’s your own. Never throw a parcel, and double-check addresses to make sure packages are delivered to the correct destination.

• Know your customers. Tiznado says he talks to customers to make sure he’s meeting their needs. “I ask how I can better serve them,” he says.

Tiznado “feels great” knowing he’s satisfying his customers.

“Customers say they miss me when I’m not there,” he says.

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