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USPS site promotes direct mail for campaigns can help political campaigns communicate with voters.

The Postal Service has introduced, a site that provides political campaigns with guidance on how to best use direct mail to communicate with voters.

The site aims to build upon USPS research that shows 79 percent of households either read or scan the advertising mail they receive.

This makes direct mail one of the most effective channels to connect with voters, political strategists say. In addition to being a valuable fundraising tool, direct mail can help shape election outcomes. promotes recent advancements that can transform traditional political mailpieces into interactive experiences.

For example, with augmented reality apps, QR codes and other technologies, campaigns can combine physical and digital features to both stimulate the recipient’s senses and deliver information. also promotes the use of “omni-channel marketing,” which ensures messages are consistent across multiple digital advertising platforms.

The site is part of a broader effort by the Postal Service to raise awareness of mail during this year’s elections. Other efforts include partnerships with industry trade groups and publications.

The Election and Political Mail site on Blue has additional information.

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