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Direct mail connects with voters, experts say

Letter in a mailbox
Direct mail remains an effective communications tool, political strategists say.

Nothing beats direct mail for connecting with voters, top political strategists told the Campaigns & Elections newsletter in a recent USPS-sponsored report.

Unlike electronic media, which can be ignored or deleted, well-crafted direct mail messages can compel voters to respond to candidates and issues, experts said.

“Mail will continue to play an important role [because] it remains a viable channel of communication and outreach,” said Mike Murray, president and chief executive of the direct marketing agency TMA Direct.

The firm recently used direct mail to raise $50 million for a presidential candidate. The donations came from about 1 million individuals who gave average contributions of $50.

Besides raising money, direct mail also can help a candidate hone his or her image.

“[T]here is also a branding benefit occurring,” Murray said. Even though some mail recipients may not donate to a candidate, they still learn about the candidate’s positions.

More Political Mail is expected to enter the postal network in 2016, which is a presidential election year.

Iowa will hold the first presidential caucus Feb. 1, while congressional primaries will begin in several states in March and continue through September.

Election Day is Nov. 8.

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