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‘Peanuts’ pictures

USPS app lets users snap photos with favorite characters

Holiday augmented reality
A new Postal Service mobile app allows customers and others to have their pictures taken alongside “Peanuts” characters.

A new smartphone app from the Postal Service allows users to take pictures of family, friends and co-workers posing alongside Charlie Brown and other “Peanuts” characters.

After downloading the app to your device, use the app to scan a USPS blue collection box to see the characters appear on the screen. When someone stands next to the box, he or she will be surrounded by the characters.

You can then snap a photo and share it on social media.

(Some users who experienced functionality problems with an earlier version of the app can download an updated version through the iTunes App Store and Google Play.)

The holiday-themed app will allow users to create additional “augmented reality” experiences, including seeing toy planes fly around a Christmas tree. Additionally, the app can be used to order stamps and boxes and schedule pickups from the Postal Service.

USPS is promoting the app through a direct mailing to homes across the United States. A Nov. 23 news release has more information.

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