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Running mates

USPS, Campaigns & Elections to promote mail

USPS and Campaigns & Elections will show political professionals how to use mail to communicate with voters.

The Postal Service is joining forces with a top political journal to promote mail’s ability to effectively identify, persuade and motivate voters.

USPS and Campaigns & Elections are working with political committees, consultants and other professionals to demonstrate how to best use direct mail in campaigns.

“Working with Campaigns & Elections will help the Postal Service effectively network with strategic political stakeholders in the upcoming elections,” said Sales VP Cliff Rucker. “This partnership will allow us to reach more political campaigns and increase our revenue.”

Campaigns & Elections maintains a website and provides training events and other resources for political professionals.

The Postal Service and the group are sharing information through online meetings, conferences and published articles.

USPS is emphasizing the availability of new features for mailpieces, including augmented reality, QR codes and other digital applications.

The new partnership follows the Postal Service’s recent agreement with the American Association of Political Consultants. Both efforts aim to leverage the strength of Political Mail, which experts say remains an effective method for communications and fundraising.

Sales, Brand Marketing and Government Relations are working together on this partnership.

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