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Carter Lawson and Knoxville, TN, Letter Carrier Mike Crenshaw

USPS employees were recognized for delivering excellent service throughout 2015.

Greater Michigan District and Mail Recovery Center employees found a ring lost by newspaper columnist Jim Ketchum, who later praised the team.

“Happy endings still happen, in this case thanks to people who really care about their jobs,” Ketchum wrote.

Elsewhere, Knoxville, TN, Letter Carrier Mike Crenshaw became a hero to little Carter Lawson, who “helps” Crenshaw deliver the mail each day.

Other carriers braved the elements: Staten Island, NY, Letter Carrier Joseph Idone dealt with frigid temperatures and Dallas Letter Carrier Donald Williamson (Dallas) endured sweltering heat, while Rochelle, IL, Rural Carrier Joel Reese kept the mail moving after violent tornadoes.

Meanwhile, actor Charles Shaughnessy took to Twitter to salute Sherman Oaks, CA, Retail Associate Mike Henderson, while “NCIS” star Pauley Perrette tweeted a tribute to New York City Letter Carrier Patricia Key.

Norfolk, VA, Retail Associate Zina Owens also received social media praise when she received a note that little Luke Westbrook mailed to his deceased beagle, Moe.

Owens wrote back as Moe, reassuring Luke that he was in “doggie heaven.”

“I wanted to make his [day],” Owens said. “It’s just love. Plain and simple.”

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