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Carrying on

Hot weather doesn’t deter Texas employee

Employee delivering mail
Dallas Letter Carrier Donald Williamson

Delivering mail in the summer heat isn’t always easy — but thanks to employees like Donald Williamson, the job gets done.

Williamson, a Dallas letter carrier, was profiled last week by the local ABC station about keeping the mail moving despite sweltering conditions.

“Our safety goal is to be on the street by 9 o’clock to get ahead of the so-called fireball,” Williamson told the station.

He also works to beat the heat by staying in constant motion and wearing his signature white helmet.

Williamson, who covers about 5 miles a day on foot, has been delivering mail in Texas for 20 years. He’s gotten to know many of his customers and their families.

“I have, over the years, attended graduations, funerals, weddings,” he says. “I have done a number of things … that I have really appreciated.”

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