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Mail miracle

Postal Service employees recover customer’s missing ring

Lost ring
Mail Recovery Center Clerk Constance Wade helped recover the lost ring.

A Michigan journalist is singing the Postal Service’s praises after several employees worked together to recover a college ring that went missing in the mail.

It began July 12, when the Port Huron Times Herald’s Jim Ketchum published a column describing how his ring was lost after being mailed from Florida.

The story got the attention of several employees, including individuals in Greater Michigan District and at the Mail Recovery Center (MRC).

After an intense search based on Ketchum’s description, MRC Clerk Constance Wade and two co-workers found the ring in a mailbag at the Atlanta facility.

By July 18, the ring was back in Ketchum’s hands.

“The discovery was tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack — a gold needle with an emerald stone — but a needle nonetheless,” Ketchum wrote in an Aug. 10 follow-up column.

Although Ketchum called Customer Relations Field Operations Manager Ed Wohlganger “a miracle worker,” Wohlganger said several employees deserve credit.

“This was a group effort,” Wohlganger said.

The MRC’s efforts reflect the Postal Service’s focus on strengthening customer service — as Ketchum himself acknowledged.

“Happy endings still happen, in this case thanks to people who really care about their jobs and about service,” he wrote.

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