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Best buddies

NBC News profiles Tennessee letter carrier — and his biggest fan

Letter Carrier
Carter Lawson and Knoxville, TN, Letter Carrier Mike Crenshaw

Ask Carter Lawson to name his hero and he won’t hesitate to tell you: It’s Mailman Mike.

Every afternoon, 4-year-old Carter waits for Knoxville, TN, Letter Carrier Mike Crenshaw to arrive in the neighborhood so he can “help” him deliver the mail.

“I think all letter carriers look forward to certain stops, and this is the one I look forward to every day,” said Crenshaw.

Carter wears a matching postal uniform and accompanies Crenshaw on his route. The dynamic duo recently attracted the attention of “NBC Nightly News,” which followed Carter and Crenshaw as they made their appointed rounds.

“How often do you go somewhere doing your job and somebody is that excited to see you every time you get there,” said Carter’s mom, Cassie Lawson.

The NBC report also shows Carter visiting the Post Office, where he received high-fives from Crenshaw’s co-workers and was appointed an honorary letter carrier by Knoxville Postmaster Fred Petersen.

Crenshaw wouldn’t trade his friendship with Carter for anything.

“He’s the end of the day and the best part of my day — and not just because he’s such a cute little guy,” said Crenshaw. “You can’t help but love little Carter. He’s a godsend.”

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