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Scanning scorecard

Western dominated the area scanning scores during the week ending July 31, while a new leader moved to the top spot in the district rankings. Western, with a 96.8 percent rating, has now ranked first for 10 consecutive weeks. Capital Metro (96.54 percent) took second, up from fourth the previous week, while Northeast (96.44 percent) […]

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Rockin’ rollout

Thousands of Elvis Presley’s fans watched Priscilla Presley and PMG Megan Brennan dedicate a stamp honoring the King of Rock ’n’ Roll Aug. 12. “It’s fitting that this new stamp is a Forever Stamp because Elvis is forever in our hearts and in the hearts of millions of his fans around the world,” said Priscilla […]

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Heroes’ corner

Three Minnesota employees worked together recently to help a co-worker whose heart stopped. The crisis began when a letter carrier returned to the Rochester Post Office and started unloading his vehicle in the garage. He soon collapsed. Daniel Schmidt, a Preston rural carrier who was training drivers at the office, called 911. He also called […]

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Simply irresistible

Businesses are learning to produce more effective mailings through Irresistible Mail, a new Postal Service site that showcases tech-driven design approaches. The site highlights mailpieces with augmented reality features that consumers can scan with a smartphone to see videos and animation. Irresistible Mail also shows how companies can personalize mass mailings by combining customer databases […]

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Brad Pennington, Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS, Letter Carrier Brad Pennington was delivering mail when he noticed smoke coming from the roof of a customer’s house. There was no response when Pennington knocked on the door, so he asked a neighbor to call 911. Firefighters arrived, found no one inside and put out the blaze. The homeowner later said Pennington’s […]

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House of cards

The National Postal Museum is sharing secrets. “PostSecret: The Power of the Postcard” — the Washington, DC, museum’s newest exhibition — explores the modern narrative of mail. More than 500 decorated postcards from around the world are on display. The cards come from “PostSecret,” an online art project that encourages people to share their confessions […]

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Scanning scorecard

The national scanning score for the week ending July 25 was 96.53 percent, up slightly from one week earlier. Western (97.16 percent) once again led the areas. Pacific (96.71 percent) took second after finishing fourth the previous week. Northeast (96.7 percent) once again finished third. The districts were led by Portland and Sierra Coastal, which […]

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Getting in line

Employees play an important role in bolstering customer satisfaction, Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec says in his latest “Point of View” video. “When employees understand the role they play in satisfying the customer, they will always rise to the challenge and provide excellent service,” Nemec says. Greater Michigan District, a top performer on […]

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Meet ‘The Inspectors’

[fvplayer src=”″ embed=”false” splash=””] Having trouble playing video? Click here to download. A new video offers a sneak peek at “The Inspectors,” the upcoming dramatic television series about the Postal Inspection Service. The 2-minute, 45-second trailer is posted above. It features brief scenes from the show and interviews with the actors, as well as creator […]

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Scanning scorecard

Scanning scores stayed solid at the area and district levels during the week ending July 17. Western (97.15 percent) continued to lead the areas, while Capital Metro (96.93 percent) held onto second place and Northeast (96.7 percent) once again finished third. Sierra Coastal (97.77 percent) rose one spot to lead the districts. Hawkeye (97.7 percent) […]

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Heroes’ corner

Clatskanie, OR, Contract Driver Timothy Hammerberg suspected something was wrong earlier this year when he noticed mail accumulating in the box of Walter Vern Ferguson, one of his customers. Hammerberg drove to the local fire station and asked someone to check on Ferguson, a volunteer firefighter who lives alone. Paramedics discovered Ferguson lying on the […]

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Box populi

The larger mailboxes being tested by the Postal Service are proving popular with customers and employees alike. “I’m able to drive up, open the door, scan the package and the mail, and put it all in one centrally located spot,” Newhall, CA, Letter Carrier Ron Ronaldi says in a new CBS report. (Some employees may […]

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‘The Inspectors’

The Postal Inspection Service, one of the nation’s oldest law enforcement agencies, is getting its own television show. CBS will air “The Inspectors” Saturdays at 10:30 a.m., beginning Oct. 3. The half-hour scripted drama is geared toward a general audience. “‘The Inspectors’ is a story that allows us to have a vessel to teach the […]

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Be friendly

When working with customers, put yourself in their shoes. Providing friendly, courteous and knowledgeable service is how the Postal Service delivers positive experiences to customers. […]

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Mia Hinnant, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Letter Carrier Mia Hinnant noticed a co-worker seemed lethargic when he returned to the Post Office after delivering mail. Sensing he might be ill, she suggested he seek medical care and drove him to a hospital. Doctors determined the employee had suffered a stroke. They credit Hinnant with saving the man’s life. […]

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Opportunity rocks

When St. Paul, MN, Letter Carrier Georgia Ramin puts down her mail satchel at the end of the work day, she picks up a guitar and cuts loose. Ramin performs as Miss Georgia Peach, lead guitarist and vocalist for Beebe Gallini, an all-female, 1980s-style garage band. The group’s style is reminiscent of Blondie and the […]

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From tech to touch

Can email and robots bring back letter writing? Perhaps, according to a recent Forbes report on efforts to use technology to revive the tradition of handwritten correspondence. One example: a worldwide art project in which volunteers transcribe strangers’ emails and mail the physical notes to the recipients. Founder Ivan Cash created the project after setting […]

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