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Getting in line

‘POV’ video highlights customer satisfaction

POV video
Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec’s latest “Point of View” video was released this week.

Employees play an important role in bolstering customer satisfaction, Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec says in his latest “Point of View” video.

“When employees understand the role they play in satisfying the customer, they will always rise to the challenge and provide excellent service,” Nemec says.

Greater Michigan District, a top performer on internal customer service surveys, offers a model others can follow, he says.

The district’s retail associates focus on teaching customers to use self-service kiosks for simple transactions, says District Manager Chuck Howe, who also appears in the video.

Retail associates also promptly identify transactions that require time, such as customers who need passports.

“They move them [out of the line] to do the paperwork and move other people through the line until the paperwork is finished, and then they bring them back to the front of the line,” Howe says.

Nemec also cites the importance of praising employees.

“When we recognize our employees for their dedication and hard work … we instill a sense of pride in them and they become better ambassadors for our postal brand,” he says.

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