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Her fake flowers stem the loss of walkaway pens

A retail associate nips a problem in the bud and a custodian goes ‘Above and Beyond’

Retail Associate Shelly Brogdon holds a bouquet of flower pens.
Shelly Brogdon, a Lexington, NC, retail associate, holds a bouquet of flower pens.

The Lexington, NC, Post Office gives new meaning to the term “flowery writing.”

The office affixed artificial flowers to the pens at retail windows to prevent forgetful customers from walking away with them.

“This not only protects our resources but adds great ambience to the lobby,” said Shelly Brogdon, a retail associate who came up with the idea to nip this problem in the bud.

While peonies — er, pens — adorned with artificial flowers are not an uncommon sight at retailers, what is different about the Lexington office is that the colors and flower mixes are changed according to the season or holiday.

The practice was put on hyacinth — er, hiatus — during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the pens are back in bloom in the lobby.

“Hats off to Shelly for this extra special touch of personal service,” said Teresa Scott, a North Carolina District safety specialist.

Shining through

Sean Strand, a custodian at the Madison, WI, Processing and Distribution Center, so impressed his colleagues with his work ethic and willingness to assist new employees that they recently presented him with an “Above and Beyond” certificate.

“He approaches each day with gratitude. … Sean’s work ethic is unparalleled,” said Maintenance Manager Jody Russ.

Strand credited much of his motivation to his training in the Marine Corps.

“I always strove to be the best. That drive to excel has stayed with me, and I apply it to everything I do,” he said.

His philosophy: “There’s always something to do, or not. It’s a choice.”

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