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A strong sense of place

This retail associate is blooming where she’s planted

Part-time Flexible Retail Associate Aaliyah Smith
Aaliyah Smith, a part-time flexible retail associate, is seen in the Loveville, MD, Post Office.

My name is Aaliyah Smith and I’m a part-time flexible retail associate in Loveville, MD, about 55 miles south of Washington, DC.

My older sister is a postal worker, and she would always come home and talk about it. I graduated high school on June 1, 2022, and came straight to work for the Postal Service.

In Loveville, I sort mail and flats, take care of packages, make phone calls and do all the reports that need to be done. I also work at the nearby Leonardtown Post Office.

Often, I’ll just hand someone their mail and they’ll say, “I didn’t even tell you my box number!” I’ll say, “You didn’t have to!” I’ve learned the whole Loveville Post Office and who has what box.

You get a wide variety of customers looking for the Loveville postmark around Valentine’s Day. People will also mail valentines from out of state. My hand sometimes gets tired from canceling stamps — especially when they bring in 500 wedding invitations! — but it’s fun.

I get in the spirit, too. I love decorating and anything to do with being creative, so I decorate the Loveville Post Office for any holidays I can.

When I’m not at work, I like to fish and go four-wheeling. My family lives close by and we do things together. I don’t think I would ever move away. I’m pretty content here.

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