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First-class teacher

A carrier helps students learn about mail and a postmaster continues a family tradition

A female letter carrier holding a toy LLV and a copy of "A Kids' History of the United States Postal Service"
Terri Bertolosso Parker, a Modesto, CA, letter carrier, holds some of the materials she brings with her to her classroom.

You can’t learn about American history without learning about the Postal Service.

Just ask Terri Bertolosso Parker, a Modesto, CA, letter carrier who enjoys spending time in local elementary schools, helping students learn about USPS.

During a recent visit to one school, Parker provided each student with a copy of Publication 100-K, A Kids’ History of the United States Postal Service.

She also promotes the virtue of handwritten correspondence, including starting a pen pal program and helping sixth graders teach kindergarteners how to mail postcards.

“It’s an old-fashioned way to communicate, but an important job. It brings communication to your door,” Parker said.

For Parker, promoting USPS comes naturally: Her father was a letter carrier and one of her brothers was a retail associate.

Long and short of it

Daleville, AL — a city of about 5,000 residents in the southeastern part of the state — has a new postmaster: Nicholas Long, who began his appointment this month.

Long joined USPS as a city carrier assistant 10 years ago. Three years later, he became a customer services supervisor.

With his new job, Long continues a family tradition: His father, Ricky, retired as the postmaster of Nauvoo, AL, while his stepmother, Joyce, is the postmaster in Hackleburg, AL.

“I was looking for stable employment with benefits and upward mobility. My dad’s postal career checked all those boxes,” he said.

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