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Giving back

This Polish-born employee takes pride in his postal position

Portrait of a man wearing a postal uniform
Tomasz Drzal, a letter carrier in Hicksville, NY, joined USPS after a career in the aviation industry.

My name is Tomasz Drzal and I’m a letter carrier in Hicksville, NY, which is part of Long Island.

I came to the United States from the south of Poland when I was 16. I went to school in Connecticut for the last two years of high school. I played soccer to help me adjust.

I decided to join the Postal Service because I was working at an airline in Bethpage, NY. The company had a contract with USPS for Priority Mail. When the contract ended, the airline employees were offered a chance to pursue a career with the Postal Service.

That’s how I became a letter carrier. I love the job. The weather can be challenging, but I have really good supervisors. That makes coming to work easier, and I have formed a lot of friendships on the route.

A typical day starts at 7:30 a.m. I arrive at the Hicksville Post Office and start organizing the mail.

Next, I deliver to businesses and break for lunch, then do the residential deliveries. It takes me three hours to do the businesses and three hours to do the residential.

I love this country and am thankful. I won the lottery when I was given an opportunity to live and work here. I want to give back to America, and working for the Postal Service allows me to do that.

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