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Learn more about the Thrift Savings Plan

Employees can participate in informational webinars and courses

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The Thrift Savings Plan webinars and courses address contributions, death benefits and loans, among other topics.

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) has announced its slate of 2024 informational webinars and online training courses, which Postal Service employees can participate in.

The topics will include TSP contributions, death benefits, distributions, investment funds, in-service withdrawals and loans.

The webinars will last one hour, and the courses are 2½ hours.

Participation is voluntary. Nonexempt employees must be off the clock or on authorized breaks.

Both the webinars and courses are free, and registration is not required.

For more information about dates, times and webinar and course descriptions, employees should go to the TSP website’s Online Learning page.